Friday, June 21, 2013

Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player by Patrick Darcy

Publisher: Wilde City Press (May 2013)
Reviewer: Jon Michaelsen
Pages: 34

Strong, athletic, hot muscular guys your fantasy, then Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player is the perfect sizzling erotic adventure! Clearly author Patrick Darcy is writing from first-hand experience.

Star Irish rugby player, Conor Murphy, lives and breathes rugby. He spends his weekends playing rugby, drinking beer, and singing songs with his teammates. There is only one thing he loves more than rugby, and that is hot rugby players. But after the final whistle sounds, the real competition begins: the hunt for the hottest men.

And, hot sweaty men is exactly what the reader gets, not to mention a lot of incredible testosterone-driven pounding on and off the field.

Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player is an incredibly stimulating, sexy read! 

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