Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ambrose and the Waif by Rick R. Reed and Sukie de la Croix

Reviewed by: Whitney at Fallen Angel Reviews, December 2008

In a series of letters that span six months, a young man and his older lover plan the murder of the younger man's overweight partner. Their affair starts out with assertions of love and devotion; however, over time it is apparent that each man has his own motivation for murder. Love turns to hate, joy turns to anger, and madness prevails.

Ambrose and the Waif by Rick R. Reed and Sukie de la Croix is a story of love, greed, madness, and murder that is told in a series of letters. This is a fascinating and suspenseful tale that features two men who are both more and less than they appear. Mark and Ambrose unfold gradually in the eyes of the reader as the story progresses, and as the characters unfold they also morph from something sweet and beautiful to something dark and ugly and frightening. The effect is both startling and stunning. As the two men write back and forth discussing murder and then pointing blame at each other, the reader is compelled to read between the lines of the story to determine what is in actuality happening. Like a puzzle, each piece slips in to place, and it is not until you finish Ambrose and the Waif that you understand the driving force behind the men's murder plot. This story is riveting and horrifying and utterly enjoyable.