Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Second Chance - by David Lennon

Reviewer: Jon Michaelsen
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 314

A Solid, Well-Crafted Gay PI Novel
The third novel featuring former NOPD homicide detectives Michel Doucette and Alexandra “Sassy” Jones kicks off with the two police alumni starting out their private investigations agency and for the most part assuming the same roles they had before, albeit with more leeway where the law and evidence gathering is concerned. One of their first cases is for Chance, Doucette’s boyfriend’s best friend, who has hired the team to look into a business venture he had with two members of an organized crime family where he lost of a quarter million dollar investment. In an ironic twist, the pair is hired by the head of the same crime family in order to locate the mob boss’s missing son, and they soon finding themselves caught up in an apparent turf war between aging kingpins and an outsider moving in on the action with far more leverage than anyone sees coming.

Once again the character of Sassy Jones shins through to steal just about every scene she’s in; the woman is tough, bright and very capable, with even a hint toward a relationship with a shady fellow that raises a few eyebrows. Meanwhile Michel stumbles onto evidence that indicates the case of Chance’s bad investment may not be as cut and dried as first presented, driving the early portion of the novel before the two cases merge and more emphasis – and complexity – is put on the missing mobster’s son and resulting evidence suggesting a growing turf war.

While all is going on, Michel seems to be struggling to find solid footing in his relationship with Joel, nine years his junior, who presses for more of a commitment from the former cop – which Michel seems reluctant to give as he seems unable at times to get beyond their age gap. Add to this a dumb move on Michel part that throws a ratchet into their love affair. Stating more would reveal far too much and spoil the fun, but suffice to say readers will likely be yelling at their e-readers like I was following Michel’s stupid actions.

Second Chance is a solid, well-constructed PI novel, never allowing the reader a dull moment. The pace is quick and smooth, the suspense nail-biting. Lennon has come into his own with this third featuring Doucette-Jones novel exhibiting a solid voice and style that makes for an enjoyable read as we learn just a little more of what makes these two flawed former detectives tick and of what consequences can mean for their actions. 

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