Monday, October 15, 2012

Roids, Rumps & Revenge by Eric Arvin

Reviewer: Jon Michaelsen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Pages: 17

When an ex-football player sets out to expose his steroid-pumping coach by breaking into the man’s office at night to find the stash of muscle juice he knows is there, he gets far more than he'd bargained for. Coach Mauler makes a surprise visit and flips on the lights as the footballer watches from the shadows. The team's players have gathered together for a hardened pep talk in preparation for an important game the next day. To the teammates surprise, Coach Mauler berates his player’s past performances, but proposes a suggestion that gives the word physicality a whole new meaning by offering up his sweet, muscular ass to give the boys some much needed release and to get their “heart” into their game.

Told from the footballer’s point of view--who watches as one player after another climbs aboard the massage table to take Coach Mauler in more ways than one--from being poked by Jay’s mushroom dickhead to getting ripped by Chazz’s monster cock. But revenge could not have been sweeter than when Coach Drummer of the wrestling team barges in questioning the salacious goingson. The footballer had texted Drummer and watches from the shadows with a smile pastered on his face and and his drawers down at his ankles, pumping his own meat as Coach Drummer slams into his arch nemesis.

Roids, Rumps & Revenge by Eric Arvin is every gay boys' dream and a straight boys' nightmare; well perhaps not. The colorful characters come alive in detailed observations from the protagonist, whose rural southern roots ring true in his assessments of his teammates and coaches, revealed in abrupt style by Arvin’s sharp wit and gift of penning a hot story of a somewhat over-the-top fantasy just this side of good, ol' raunchy fun.

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