Saturday, April 4, 2009

Black Point Revisited by A. J. Llewellyn and D. J. Manly

Five Angels - Reviewed by: Teresa for Fallen Angel Reviews

Black Point Revisited by A. J. Llewellyn and D. J. Manly is a homoerotic contemporary romance. Thomas and Matt are two very happily newlywed men who are romance authors. Matt is still relatively a new author, but Thomas writes under the pseudo name Rose Carter. As the last book ended, one of Thomas’s books was chosen to become a movie, and Matt who is also working for the movie studio is over all in charge of the production. Matt and Thomas were having the most spectacular honeymoon up until they left their dream house, Black Point, to pick up Matt’s family. They got back on track with a little bit of experimental sex that fulfilled their wildest dreams, but soon family intruded on their wedded bliss. Don’t get me wrong, they enjoy Matt’s family, but his parents, one toddler and Matt’s twin and husband do tend to intrude on their privacy. Matt’s niece Daphne is your typical on the go, loving toddler who brings laughter and joy to everything that she touches, even Thomas who swears he never wants children. Matt and Thomas decide to go to the nearby island of for an overnight trip, but things don’t exactly go as they plan when a shark attack occurs causing Matt and Thomas to spring to the rescue. Things are not always perfect in paradise when family misunderstandings happen causing dissention and stress to the newly m arried=2 0couple. Will Thomas and Matt find a way to overcome life’s difficulties to trust in their love for each other?

Mr. Llewellyn and Mr. Manly have continued their series with this incredible addition. The love between Matt and Thomas is both beautiful and very erotic. The Hawaiian setting adds to the exotic ambience and the visual descriptions bring the story alive for the reader. It was interesting to watch the interactions between all Matt’s family members. Even through all of the fighting, you know that they love each other under all of these difficulties. Matt’s mother is the ultimate mom trying to make everyone happy even going overboard which causes more complications. I hope there will be more books about the lives of Matt and Thomas. Thanks go to Mr. Llewellyn and Mr. Manly for another story that shows that life can be more crazy than fiction.

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