Saturday, March 28, 2009

If I Were A Lady… by Bryl Tyne

Reviewed by Mykola (Mick) Dementiuk

An exquisite well-crafted first novella fused from the imaginative pen of Bryl Tyne, which has me eagerly anticipating her full-length works to come.

“If I Were A Lady…” is the story of Kendra Wright, fifth grade English teacher who loves being a teacher and her little charges until one day a new principal, Val Riche, is assigned to her school and that sets the story in motion. But does anyone know Kendra may or may not be what she seems?

Since ancient times transvestites or trans-sexuals have had shamanic qualities they carried with them, an other-worldly appearance seeming to set them apart from all others, even living alone in the tribe and either dressed-up or not dressed, passing or not passing, looking and making one uncomfortable in their presence. Not so Kendra; she fits in perfectly. And her common-sense heart tells her to deny Val’s closeness but she can’t help but fall into his arms as easily with each move he makes…until the near chaotic end when we think we’ll see her fall apart in Val’s strong holding arms…But fate has other answers.

Because of the exquisite writing I found this novel very capturing and fast moving, till at the end I wished Bryl Tyne had taken us deeper into the relationship between Kendra and Val, not to mention the slime bag Stephen, or Star, who pops in and pops out, bringing the novella to a close. Good thing I know that Bryl Tyne is now working on a bigger and longer novel. She certainly has this reader, and others, impatiently awaiting her next release…a much bigger book.

Get to work Bryl, entertain us…please…

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