Monday, March 9, 2009

Deadly Wrong by Victor J. Banis

Review by Matthew for Rainbow Reviews

BOOK BLURB: The police say "involuntary manslaughter," but a tragic accident turns out instead to be murder, plain and simple. And San Francisco Homicide Inspector Stanley Korski, on leave from the force and his unrequited love for fellow detective Tom Danzel, walks right into a murderer's web of treachery. Wrong, Stanley. Deadly wrong.

BOOK REVIEW: “Deadly Wrong” by Victor J. Banis is a wonderful story, full of great characters, a riveting mystery, and sizzling hot sex.

Stanley is a reluctant Detective with the San Francisco Police Department. We first met him in the previous book “Deadly Nightshade.” He is a very interesting character. He is described as flamboyantly gay, yet I never really got that impression. He never came across as overly feminine or exaggeratedly affected; rather he had a brilliant sense of humor, self-acknowledged pettiness, that plays as funny rather than prissy, and a preference for being a top. Stanley’s an attractive, intriguing character.

Also, in the previous book, we met Tom, Stanley’s reluctant police partner. He is a ‘man’s man’, all rough around the edges, testosterone-spewing, masculine kind of man. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he is gorgeous.

There are several secondary characters that are well drawn and add depth. Although the story takes place in a small town, the author wisely avoided too many stereotypes. There are the usual rednecks, crazy lady, and a small-minded, big ego sheriff, among others, but they are more interesting than they first seem and don’t always behave in the typical manner.

The plot is a good mystery and moves at a satisfying pace. There are plenty of suspects, just as many motives and the clues are subtle but present. I have to admit I figured some of the things out before Stanley, the Detective, did, but, then he was reluctant to be a detective in the first place and probably hasn’t read as many mysteries as I have. So, I figured out ‘who’ but never ‘why’ until the ending, where all is revealed.

It should be mentioned that the sex is really, really hot. What makes it so good is the emotion behind the actions, the passion ~ not that the actions weren’t enjoyable too! Not only were the scenes well written, but also the sex was a part of the whole fabric of the story rather than a part unto itself.

Technically, this is the second book in this series, but “Deadly Wrong” completely stands on its own. I am always reluctant to read a book if I haven’t read the first one. I worry that I’ll be lost or not know who people are or I’ll have missed out on things. There is no need to worry about any of that. While reading the first one will add some depth to things, it is definitely not necessary! This is a great mystery-romance tale and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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