Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Death Came Calling by Donald Webb

Reviewer: Alan Chin
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Pages: 258

When a high profile lawyer’s death is deemed health related, due to a diabetic seizure, the deceased relative hires Katsuro to investigate. The deeper this clever detective digs, the more it looks like a possible murder. The author provides, of course, a wide array of suspects with motives, and as our hero sifts through the alibies and evidence, more bodies begin to pile up. The danger rises to the point where Katsuro must protect himself, his employee, and his family.

While pulling the clues together, Katsuro is haunted by the brutal murder of Patrick, his late spouse who died two years earlier, and must fight against his own melancholy before it destroys his relationship with his current boyfriend.

This story starts slowly, yet it builds into an interesting read. The protagonist juggles a murder investigation, family responsibilities, a romance, and guilt from his ex-lover’s death, and not only makes it seemed real, he becomes a sympathetic character who the reader cares about.

I found the method of the murder to be cleverly conceived. Solid writing makes this an easy read. I was kept guessing until near the ending. My only complaint was that I felt, as I often do in mysteries, that the ending was too easily disclosed and wrapped up. It seemed rushed.

This is an engaging read that leaves the reader satisfied and wanting more from this talented writer.