Friday, September 13, 2013

Alma’s Will by Anel Viz

Reviewer: Jon Michaelsen
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 296

Alma’s Will, by author Anel Viz, is a powerfully dramatic story of one woman’s innate bigotry, homophobia and hatred, concreted in her passionate faith in the Bible and God. The novel is set in the rural southern town of Macon, Georgia, where generations have been rooted in historic prejudice and intolerance.  Alma’s Will begins upon the death of an old woman who lived her entire life in the shadow of her stern husband, doing as she had been taught was expected of her, standing silent when her only teenage son was tossed out of the house and onto the street for being a homosexual.
If the plot sounds cruel and heartless, it is, an in-your-face, malignant testament to the realities of society today, where bigotry and hatred continue to reign prominently. However, the story proves just as important with its displays of inherent love, understanding and forgiveness that ultimately prevail, responsible for shaping more lives than an obstinate protagonist who grew to emulate her mother and an abandoned brother who survived a traumatic childhood, and learned to love and accept himself.
Readers will experience a full range of emotions reading Alma’s Will, an intense story told through varying points of view that prove all encompassing, each uniquely important to the plot. Telling a story through the eyes of a bigoted, hateful protagonist might mean suicide for most writers, but author Anel Viz keeps the story intensely thought-provoking and promising with his solid writing and strong message of hope displayed through the actions and humility of his characters. Alma’s Will is one fine read that I highly recommended.        

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