Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Moon’s Deep Circle by David Holly

Reviewer: Bob Lind, Echo Magazine
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books, April 2013
Pages: 264

Four Stars Out of Five

Growing up, Tip was never that close to his much older brothers, Thad and Tye, barely remembering them attending high school when Tip was just starting school. The memories end there, since both brothers disappeared mysteriously one day, and were never talked about again by Tip's deeply-religious parents. Still, a constant memory remained in the house, where their mother maintained their shared bedroom, which was otherwise locked to keep Tip out of it. More than a decade has passed, and Tip is now learning more about his brothers, having managed to sneak Thad's journal out of the room, when his mother forgot to lock it.

The descriptions of gay sexual activity in the journal helps Tip realize his own attractions to other guys, which he had previously suppressed in order to maintain the façade of a typical high school jock in this small rural Oregon town. He began to explore those feelings with two other closeted swim team members, and shares part of the journals with them. The journals talk about a ritualistic gay pagan group, in which both of his brothers became involved through a professor at their college. Tip is also driven by wanting to know what happened to his brothers, and uses clues from the journal to find them, even though he realizes the results might "out" him to his deeply-religious, conservative parents and fellow students, which might result in his own subsequent "disappearance."

An engaging, well-written story, giving an extreme example of the problems that a forced religious background may have on a gay teen.
There is significant explicit content, making it inappropriate for younger teen readers.

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