Monday, February 4, 2013

Out-Foxed by Haley Walsh

Reviewer:  Bob Lind, Echo Magazine
Publisher: MLR Press, November 2012
Pages: 292

Young high school teacher Skyler Foxe is back, newly "outed" (along with his boyfriend, teacher/assistant coach Keith Fletcher, who convinces him to dance with him at a school function.) Shortly thereafter, he learns that Keith has been keeping a big secret from him, and breaks off their relationship, just as he needs support to face the scrutiny resulting from the "outing." And Skyler also must contend with his mother, to whom the revelation was a bit of a shock. 

Meanwhile, the ongoing series of injuries and mysterious events at the school have local police, and even the FBI, searching for some kind of criminal activity, possibly involving the football coach and other faculty members. As usual, Skyler gets involved, in pursuing possible leads he feels the professionals are not properly investigating, and finds himself in peril more than once. Thankfully, he has Keith, his best female friend Detective Sidney Feldman, and a trio of his "ex" lovers who know him well, and try to save him from himself. 

In this third of a introductory trilogy to the series (Although this could be read independently, I strongly recommend they be read in order), the author does a commendable job of spinning a rather complex crime mystery, intermixed with enough wit and erotic content to keep readers turning the pages. Though I have some issues with the eventual "over the top" revelation involved (which the author claims was based on actual events), the story is otherwise excellent, and I can't see anything less than a perfect five stars out of five.

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