Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Where You Are by J. H. Trumble

Reviewer:  Bob Lind, Echo Magazine
Publisher: Kensington Publishing, Dec. 2012
Pages: 320

Still in his early 20's, Andrew McNellis is in his second year of teaching high school math, still enjoying his choice of profession, despite occasional bouts with problem students who just refuse to cooperate and do the work. In his advanced placement senior class is Robert Westfall, an openly-gay member of the school band guard, respected by his peers, as well as a conscientious and disciplined student. A memo from the school counselor advises Andrew and the other teachers that Robert is going through a difficult time, with his father in the last stages of terminal cancer. Andrew is going through a difficult time as well, as this is the first time he has felt an outright sexual attraction to a student. While Robert is 17, the age of consent in his state (and only 6 years younger than he is), Andrew knows that doing anything about his attraction, even though he senses Robert feels it as well, could ruin his career, and perhaps the young man's future. 

This is the second excellent young adult/coming-of-age novel from this author. He tackles a sensitive subject with realistic situations, characters and outcome, making for a captivating and relatable read. The secondary characters, including Andrew's ex-wife and young daughter, as well as a female teacher pursuing the closeted Andrew, add considerable depth and clarity to the emotional story. Much recommended, five stars out of five. 


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