Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BEST GAY STORIES 2012 Edited by Peter Dube'

Reviewer: Bob Lind, Echo Magazine
Publisher: Lethe Press, September 2012
Pages: 204

Like everyone else, gay men are looking for love, whether through traditional romance, or chance encounters that feed one's desire. Those desires and longings are as varied and diverse as the individuals involved, yet all unite us to some extent. 

This anthology presents fifteen such stories of longing and desire, written by talented and (mostly) well-known authors of gay male fiction, in styles as different as the focus of each story. From a story of renegade angels running an exclusive dance club, a tale of how bicycling keeps alive the memory of a good friend, a night out clubbing in "Gay City," and a story involving a unique way to enjoy cake, there is likely something here for every taste. Four stars out of five. 


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