Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rising Above It All: A Memoir by Terry Lee

Foreword by Casey D. Eberhart
Reviewer: Bob Lind, Echo Magazine
Publisher: On the Inside Press, August 2012
Pages: 215

There is no shortage of memoirs detailing an author's overcoming adversity in his life, and it would usually be easy to lump this one in with those. But reading this amazing book makes it clear that Terry Lee has clearly had much more than his share of physical, medical and emotional challenges, starting with his abusive parents and grandfather, and the isolation of growing up gay in a small Arizona border town. A serious accident as a child was the first of several times in his life that he was expected not to survive, but he did, seeming to gain strength from each such ordeal. He battled government bureaucracy, careless medical providers, and recovering from the death of a partner. At the same time, he managed to renew his faith in God, and reconciled his ability to "see things" as an undeveloped psychic gift. The book also goes detail about a natural food supplement which has proved amazingly beneficial in restoring health to him when he has been ill, sometimes from the toxic HIV medications that had been prescribed decades ago. 

The book is very well written, and awesomely inspiring, regardless of your personal battles. Wish it were longer. Some may question that it sometimes seems like an "infomercial" for the supplement he advocates (He gets no compensation for doing so, and, in retrospect, should have mentioned that in the book), but it seems obvious to me that this obviously was a major force in his life, and thus belongs in the book. Available at Amazon, currently in print only. I give it four stars out of five.

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