Thursday, July 12, 2012

COBRA KILLER by Andrew E. Stoner & Peter A. Conway

Reviewer:  Bob Lind, Echo Magazine 
Publisher: Magnus Books, June 2012
Pages: 300

Anyone who followed the gay porn world back in 2007 is likely aware of a violent murder in a small Pennsylvania town, which publicity suggested involved Sean Lockhart (porn name: Brent Corrigan), one of the most popular stars at the time. The controversy involved possible fraud, related to the fact that Mr. Lockhart appeared in films while still a minor, and had been at odds with the man who owned Cobra Studios, which produced most of his films. That man was Bryan Kocis, the victim of murder victim.

Later, it was revealed that the likely killers were actually Harlow Cuadra and his lover Joe Kerkes, two Virginia men who owned a gay escort service, and wanted to branch out into producing gay videos. They had contacted Lockhart about possibly working together, which is how they found out about the ongoing battle with Kocis, and even suggested that they might be able to persuade him to "leave the country." Ultimately, Lockhart would help authorities get evidence that tied them to the murder. 

This is essentially a well-written, detailed chronological recap of the events involved, made up entirely of previously-published articles, website posts and assorted law enforcement transcripts. As such, it is occasionally repetitive, and I would have preferred to have seen some original content included, such as interviews with those involved. It can be an engaging read for crime mystery buffs, and especially for those who have an interest in the operations of the gay porn industry. Four stars out of five. 

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