Saturday, June 9, 2012


Reviewer: Bob Lind, Echo Magazine
Publisher: Lethe Press, May 2012

Edward introduces his younger lover, Robert, to his longtime friends at the P-Town house whom Bill had inherited from his deceased lover. Edward's best friend is Kyle, who has always had a crush on him. There was also Harlan, an outspoken, slutty (and proud of it) extrovert who calls the others on the carpet for being too politically-correct or pretentious. He shows is disdain for the domestic bliss of Greg and his newly-out partner, Victor, who set a wedding date now that Massachusetts has extended marriage to gay couples.

 The author presents a character-driven story of a group of mature gay friends in the middle part of the past decade, at a time when activism seems to be finally producing results, and AIDS has become a manageable disease for those lucky enough to have access to medications that hold it at bay. It's also a time of reflection, perhaps some regrets, and uncertainty about where we go from here. Beautifully nuanced, and much recommended. Five stars out of five!

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