Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tough Guy Erotica by Neil Plakcy

Reviewed by Beth Wylde
Published by Amazon

Occasionally I force myself to find some time to catch up on my reading, especially when I'm feeling low and in a bit of a funk. Nothing inspires my imagination (and the rest of me) like some really naughty erotica. It's hard to stay sad when everyone between the pages are happily getting laid.

When I ran across an offer to read and review the latest collection by Neil Plakcy I jumped at the chance. My poor computer paid the price. I'm finished reading but the poor screen is still smoking.

I do feel like up front I need to warn readers a bit about this book. These stories are intensely graphic. This is gay male erotica the likes of which some of you have probably never seen before. There are no dainty fem guys or delicate gay romps between these pages. No mushy romance or easing your new found lover between the sheets. These men prove that big strong macho guys enjoy having sex with other men just as much, or more, than some of their smaller and gentler gay brethren.

Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, but you need to go into this anthology prepared. If you prefer something a little gentler and less carnal then you should probably keep shopping.

There is no purple prose, no fade to black. Neil uses part real-life inspiration from past adventures and an exceedingly fertile imagination to bring us some of the hardest erotica I've ever seen. Pages of big, muscular, beefy men who are attracted to other hard working sweaty guys, and they like sex. A LOT! With each other!

The sex depicted in this book is raw and gritty and nasty and at times even I could feel my cheeks getting hot, which is a hell of an accomplishment in my opinion. I'll never look at turkey and dressing the same way again. This is not a collection for the faint of heart.

The proof of that is the fact that quite a few of these stories were previously published through some big name publishers of gay erotica. No holds barred. You've got publishers and websites like Cleis, Honcho magazine, and Alyson. Just to name a few, plus some new stories that will leave your fingertips burning long after you've taken your hands off the mouse.

(No, I don't have an e-reader yet so I'm reading on my desktop. Sad, I know)
I did find a few typos but not enough to pull me out of the story the way some books I've read in the past have.

If you like your men strong, furry, fearsome and forceful then this is one collection you HAVE to purchase. If you like your erotica a little less graphic then this isn't the anthology for you. If, and when, you do buy Tough Guy, just be sure to have the fire department on standby before you start reading.


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tames said...

I have not read this book, but Beth's review had me LOL. Thanks Beth!