Saturday, October 25, 2008

Island Song by Alan Chin

Story discription by Alan Chin
Reviewed by Bryl Tyne

Two years after the death of his lover, Garrett Davidson sits in a Hawaiian beach shack, staring out over the vast empty Pacific. He has nothing left. Despair has robbed him of his elegant home, his lucrative job and his sanity. The single thread holding him to reality is the story he has come here to write—Marc’s story, the story of his lost love.
Then Songoree, a local surfer, breezes into his life, and as he attempts to heal Garrett's spirit, they become entwined in a touching, yet dangerous relationship. But Songoree’s kahuna grandfather has plans for Garrett, and when a clash of wills erupts between grandfather, grandson, and hostile islanders bent on destroying the connection between Garrett and Song, Garrett is caught in the middle, fighting for his life and plunging headlong to a moment that will brutally test the boundaries of the human spirit.

Bryl's review:
I recommend this novel to anyone searching for a deeper meaning to life and love

Although marketed as paranormal gay romance, this book is SO MUCH MORE! Island Song is full of page turning, artfully depicted adventures and involves many touching issues that could make the toughest of hearts weep.

However, erotic - Island Song is not. I found the love scenes tastefully written. Without adding the "gag" of purple prose, the scenes were descriptive enough to visualize while bearing just the right amount of enticing sensuality.

Don't get me wrong, the romance between Garrett and Songoree is one of the most beautifully mastered tales of male love that I have ever read. Let me share with you one example...While reading through a scene where something as innocent as a shoulder massage that Songoree, out of concern, administers to Garrett, I found myself blinking back the tears.

Alan Chin's writing is breathtakingly descriptive, and yet his vivid scenes and accurate scenarios, his multifaceted character depictions, and the overall movement throughout the book was never tedious. I picked Island Song up, and four and a half hours later, closed it feeling as if I had taken the deepest breath of fresh air imaginable.

This book was expertly crafted, and I can't wait to see more from this new author.

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